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Fixed the description and spec of the x-crypto "allowed" property.
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--- a/KEP-0017.txt
+++ b/KEP-0017.txt
@@ -1355,14 +1355,14 @@ Implements:
===== Cryptographic Preferences =====
property-crypto = element x-crypto {
- element allowed { element text { "PGP/INLINE" | "PGP/MIME" | "S/MIME" | "S/MIMEOpaque" }* },
+ element allowed { element text { "PGP/INLINE" | "PGP/MIME" | "S/MIME" | "S/MIMEOpaque" }* } ?,
element signpref { element text { "Never" | "Always" | "IfPossible" | "Ask" } } ?,
element encryptpref { element text { "Never" | "Always" | "IfPossible" | "Ask" } } ?
''Specifies crypto related settings.''
-* "allowed": Specifies the allowed encryption/signing protocols for incoming content:
+* "allowed": Specifies the allowed encryption/signing protocols for sending mail to the contact. This setting '''SHOULD''' override the default settings of the mail composer. If none of the allowed protocols is available the signing/encrypting '''SHOULD''' fail. If not specified all protocols are allowed.
:* "PGP/INLINE": Allows inline-PGP for encrypted and signed content.
:* "PGP/MIME": Allows PGP/MIME for encrypted and signed content.
:* "S/MIME": Allows clear signed messages using S/MIME.
@@ -1386,8 +1386,6 @@ Uses:
* {{rfc|5751}}<ref name=rfc5751>{{rfc|5751}} Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Version 3.2 Message Specification</ref> []
{{note|Opaque signing|Opaque signing refers to the technique of embedding the text into the base64 encoded CMS (PKCS #7 based Cryptographic Message Syntax) object (content type: application/x-pkcs7-mime) of the signature, so it can only be read if the client supports S/MIME. Clear signing transmits the clear text and only appends the signature (content type: application/x-pkcs7-signature), which allows clients without S/MIME support to read the message.}}
-{{note|Needs clarification: Key storage|Im not sure yet how the key should be stored. Im also dont think the application/pkcs7-mime mimetype is correct for the key itself.}}
-{{note|Needs clarification: allowed|Is this correct that it is only for incoming content? (the allowed element is derived from the KAddressbook Crypto settings page)}}
{{note|x-crypto|This property is missing in the xCard standard and should be added to it (probably as crypto-pref).}}
{{note|identities|Ideally crypto settings would be per identity and not per contact.}}