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@@ -46,8 +46,6 @@ The order of the elements is '''REQUIRED''' unless otherwise specified using the
The 'X-Kolab-Type' field which is defined for every Kolab XML Object '''SHALL''' be used as {{rfc|2822}} <ref name="rfc2822">{{rfc|2822|title=Internet Message Format}}</ref> message header of the encapsulating email object.
-{{note|Needs Clarification: IMAP Folder|Do we need to specify in which folder the individual objects may be stored? I consider this out of the scope of this KEP.}}
== Kolab XML Objects ==
A Kolab XML Object is a container for the various data types the Kolab Groupware Suite stores.
@@ -538,8 +536,6 @@ A client implementation '''SHOULD''' give the user the possibilty to sort object
A client implementation '''MAY''' use only a subset of priorities but it '''MUST''' understand all priority values. If a client implementation uses a range with a lower granularity it '''SHOULD''' preserve the original value if it is not modified. It '''SHOULD''' also define a mapping which preserves the meaning of the value.
-{{note|structure|This should probably go to a more generic part}}
{{note|Example|If only 0(high), 5(normal), and 9(low) would be used the client implementation should define a mapping such as 0-2 => high, 3-6 => normal, 7-9 => low. A mapping of 0 => high, 1 => normal, 2-9 => low would not preserve the meaning because 1 is considered a "high" priority.}}
@@ -811,7 +807,6 @@ An alarm can trigger repeatedly by setting "duration", which '''SHALL''' indicat
* {{rfc|5545}} [ section-3.6.6]
-{{note|RFC conflict|ical says there MUST be a summary for the email alarm and xCal doesnt even allow it (also some other properties are mixed up between email and disp). An erratum has been submitted and confirmed.}}
{{note|Unsupported KDE feature: X-KDE-KCALCORE-ENABLED|KAlarm allows to disable alarms without deleting it. This is not supported by xcal.}}
==== Todo ====
@@ -1202,7 +1197,7 @@ Types:
* {{rfc|6350}} [ section-6.6.6]
-{{note|Note: manager/assistat|The two x-values should be submitted to the vCard RFC.}
+{{note|Note: manager/assistat|The two x-values should be submitted to the vCard RFC.}}
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